Brussels is preparing for negotiations with London on Brexit. Representative Michel Bernier of the EU yesterday presented a plan of talks with the British. What can you expect from the Community and what are its intentions?

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“We have to balance the bills” – this decisive statement can serve as the shortest summary of the plan signed by Bernier. The head of the Union announced that before the two parties agreed on what their relationship would look like after Brexica, they would first have to meet their commitments and settle the rules. Honestly and concretely. “I will tell you clearly: when a country leaves the European Union, there is no penalty or price to pay, but we have to balance the bills, not less,” Barnier said in a speech at the Committee of the Regions. What does this mean in practice?

First and foremost, Brussels wants London to go to the EU budget for 2014-20. Let’s add that the annual UK contribution is around 10 billion euros. It is hardly surprising that the case was so – the British knew what they were signing and agreed on the burden of co-financing EU programs in the current financial perspective. Nobody pistol put them to their head and now it would be honorable. “We do not ask the Britons to pay or euro for things they have not agreed to as a member country,” added Bernier.

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Next, the EU negotiator stressed that he could not imagine a solution other than granting guarantees to EU citizens living in the UK and Britain living in the EU. It is good news for the Poles on this side of the English Channel – it looks like the European Union will be defending their rights of interests! According to Bernier, the situation is rather agreeable and only details remain.

This is very good news, which indicates that both the one and the other side is keen on those who live and work in the Island to continue to do so. All indications are that the situation will be different for those who want to enter the UK after Brexita.

So many declarations that do not cost anything in principle – in a few months or months will see how many politicians of both sides will pay off …