The British travel agency Thomas Cook announced Friday the transfer of 301 tourists staying in a hotel in Hurghada, Egypt, after the death of a couple of holidaymakers, whose cause is still unknown.

British-based travel company Thomas Cook organized the evacuation of 301 vacationers from the Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel in Egypt after the death of a couple in their 60s on Tuesday (August 21st). “The circumstances of their death are not yet established. We also received information about an unusually high number of patients among the clients. As security is our primary concern, we have made the decision to evacuate all guests from this hotel, “the company said in a statement released on Thursday night.

John, 69, and Susan Cooper, 63, were on vacation in the seaside resort on the Red Sea. According to a source close to the survey, the man felt bad on the evening of Tuesday. He died at the hotel after a doctor was called, reports Reuters. His wife, who was rushed to the hospital, died shortly afterwards.

The causes of death are still unclear. The prosecution has summoned the couple’s daughter, Kelly Ormerod, who was with them during the stay, and will perform an autopsy of the woman to clarify the elements of the investigation. But, according to the girl, who confided in the 2BR radio station, the two in her 60s “had no health problems” before going on vacation. She thinks their death may be due to a faulty air conditioning system, as The Telegraph points out .

Local officials speak more of a natural cause. “The couple was old and many drugs were found in their room, including for stress and diabetes,” said Red Sea Governor Ahmad Abdallah told AFP. According to a statement from the Office of the Governor of the Red Sea Province, the two holidaymakers would have died of a heart attack.

A couple “very close”

John and Susan Cooper were from Burnley, Lancashire County, England. The woman worked for the travel agency.

A relative has described the couple as “very, very close” to the Telegraph . “John was very talkative, he always had a funny story to tell,” he told the British daily. Kelly Ormerod, their daughter, still remains “in shock”.