Polish Huskers from Gniewno Castle presented themselves on Saturday at the Royal Armories Museum in Leeds. Long queues were set up.

Shows at the Royal Armories Museum in Leeds took place on a long August weekend and there were a total of six. The same was true of the Polish Huskers, who showed the use of copies, concerts, scabbards, sabers, pistols and of course horse riding. The tribunes were full of Poles and Britons who crowded on the show of the most famous Polish horse riding from the Middle Ages.

“It is an excellent way to promote Polish history, culture, and customs,” said castellan of the castle in Gniewno, and the founder of the Pomeranian flag, Jaroslaw Struczyński.

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“If we were in England today at the most prestigious Royal Armories museum in the world, it means we are still needed, and we are very happy to be proud of being the descendants of the Polish hussars,” said Struczyński.

He also added that his troop also hoped to reach Poles living permanently in the Islands. The phenomenon of hussars consisted of a master riding school and armaments, but also on an image that aroused and still aroused respect and admiration.

“We did not need the Internet, the space, the satellites for the psychological war, and we had to dress beautifully, put on wings, put on our kicks, take a good horse, and move on to the enemy.” The enemy who did not know this formation was a soldier not from this land. , with the wings of the angel of death. ”

Castellan explained that husaria in the United Kingdom is to show the British that Poles are a nation that has for centuries guarded Christian Europe and the entire European civilization.

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On the weekend shows of Polish driving was available 6 thousand. tickets, the vast majority of which was still in pre-sales. The Royal Armories in Leeds is a museum whose collections are a collection of British armaments and a collection of weapons. It is one of the oldest museums in the world, and the museum collections were once held in the famous Tower of London.

Husaria polish winged cavalry, whose origins in the Kingdom of Poland date back to the beginning of the 15th century, but its greatest flourishing and glory has already covered the period of the Commonwealth of the Two Nations. The characteristic attributes of the hussars were characteristic on the back or on the saddle of the wing and leopard or leather bears on the armor. The traditional weapon associated with hussars is the Polish saber, which according to many experts is the best white weapon in the world. Husaria has won many victories throughout its history, contributing to, among other things, the victory at the Battle of Kircholm, where one Polish hussar suffered 40 enemies or in the famed Battle of Vienna.