British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday that Britain was entering a “turning point” in the “Brexit” talks and acknowledged the “complexity” of the talks it was facing with the European Union (EU).

Speaking in London on his position in relation to the next phase of the talks, May said the agreement to be reached with the EU “must respect the outcome of the referendum” in 2016, in which the British voted for “Brexit”, and showed confidence in getting a pact because it is of “interest” on both sides.

The conservative prime minister also stressed that the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the EU must find a solution to the problem of the border between the two Irish, one of the most difficult points of the talks.

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“Our withdrawal from the EU poses particular challenges for Northern Ireland and Ireland. We have joined the EU for 45 years. It is not surprising that our decision to leave causes anxiety and a desire to find solutions,” said May, who promised avoid a hard border between the two territories in order not to undermine the peace agreement in the British province.

In his long-awaited speech, May stressed that there should be “fair” and “open” competition in the new UK-EU trade relationship once Brexit has been consummated.

According to the Conservative leader, May said that this trading link should have an independent “mechanism” for arbitration while emphasizing the need for a permanent dialogue between the two parties and called for an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Justice in the United Kingdom.

The prime minister admitted today that in these negotiations, focusing on the transition period and the commercial link, “nobody will get everything they want” and acknowledged that there will be “ups and downs.”

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“As in all negotiations, there will be rough, but the aim is for the UK and the EU to remain bound by the many ties and values we have in common,” he said.

“It is my responsibility as prime minister to present leadership for our country at this crucial time,” the conservative policy statement said. “We are going to move forward calmly with patience with each one of the positions.

Finally, May set out five pillars that will guide the forthcoming negotiations: respect for the outcome of the EU’s June 2016 referendum, the new agreement between London and Brussels not to fail, for the pact to preserve jobs and security, which respects the Kingdom United Kingdom as a tolerant and modern country and that assures the unity of the United Kingdom.