A “glam” volcano named Harry Styles has melted thousands of teenagers in Madrid. The most successful of the former members of One Direction have enjoyed today a concert in which he has presented his solo album before thousands of fans who succumb to the charisma and personal style of which he shows. After offering last Friday in Barcelona the first of the two concerts he had planned in Spain as part of the Live On Tour, Styles confirmed tonight that his music also raises passions on Madrid’s soil: the public -mostly adolescents- He has received as if the end of the world were near. They have done it after more than half an hour of delay because the LED screens that announced the beginning of the concert have gone off abruptly twice, before the artist could appear on stage, wearing a black pinstripe suit.

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The Briton, who was the first of the five guys from One Direction to do a world tour, has come to the Wink Center with all the sold-out tickets to present his solo album, with which he soon savored success, since in the first week of his US debut (May 2017) reached the number one spot on the Billboard 200 list. With “Only angel”, one of the loveliest songs of that album, the singer has begun his performance under the same semicircular LED screens that, after the mishap, have worked correctly. “You have a task today: to spend the best moment of your life”, warned Styles, who has been funny and very affectionate with his audience from start to finish. So much so, that he has repeated several times “I love you with all my heart”.

Thus, grateful and enthusiastic, the Briton has shared other songs from his new stage as a soloist, among which are “Woman”, “Ever since New York” or “Two Ghosts”, without forgetting his past in One Direction. The first song of his old band in sonar, “Stockholm Syndrome”, has put to jump to an exultant crowd that has clothed the musician in that and in the rest of songs. It has also left room for some versions that in his voice seem recently released, such as Just a Little bit of your heart “, by the American singer Ariana Grande, or” The Chain “, by the London band Fleetwood Mac.

One of the most unexpected moments was when the singer decided to cross the track to sing “Sweet creature” and “If I could fly” in the middle of the venue and with a Spanish flag covering the microphone. Then, with the melted adolescent hearts, Styles only needed to air the anthem of the night, a One Direction musical bomb that in 2011 played on all the radio stations: “What makes you beautiful”. During that theme, Styles, a well-known defender of LGBT rights, has waved two flags with the colors of the rainbow.

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At all times his strong charisma, his personal style -recently he has been appointed an ambassador of the firm Gucci- and a genuine sympathy have been present on the stage of the old Palace of Sports, where the young man has given innumerable smiles. At the end of the concert, few could doubt that the singer’s commitment to pop music with a “glam rock” that remind David Bowie is, at least, successful. That is the line that follows what is considered the best song of 2017 by Rolling Stone magazine, “Sing of the times”, which has sounded at the end of the evening with thousands of illuminated screens in the stands and the track.

For the brio of applause is not surprising that all the encores could seem scarce to the public and that two years after the farewell to the famous “boy band” there is a member who carries the name of One Direction flag. The last theme of the night, “Kiwi”, has once again shown the complicity that exists between the fans and the artist. The first ones have lived today one of the “moments of their life” and the second one can boast of a clear magnetism.