If you are going to attend the wedding of Prince Henry and Meghan Markle, do not be like Ed Sheeran or David Beckham. Do not use your left hand to greet royalty as the singer did on a visit to Prince Charles, or wear an American suit, as the ex-footballer did at William’s wedding.

These are some of the keys that William Hanson, the expert in protocol and label specialized in the British royal house, contributed today in a meeting with the media in London.

“The British have a protocol, a formula that they follow strictly, Meghan, on the other hand, has his own style, so he may break it in some way,” said Hanson, who also collaborates with the British tabloid “Daily Mail.”.

For example, Hanson noted that bowing to the royal family should be done by bending down slightly and tapping the left knee slightly.

They can also be done by tilting their heads in a sign of respect, which would be more appropriate than lowering the whole body.

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These rules are also respected within the royal family and, for example, Beatrice, Duchess of York, will have to bow to Meghan and Enrique, while the couple must make in turn to William, Duke of Cambridge, and his son George.

However, despite these strict rules, the duo has left the rest of the British tradition with gestures such as go hand in hand, which they define as a “personal preference”.

“There is no specific rule about this, Enrique and Markle shake hands in public, but Guillermo and Catalina do not, it depends on the couple,” he added.

One of the biggest doubts about the wedding is the title that Enrique and his fiancee will receive from Queen Isabel II.

The most probable thing is that the queen gives them to choose them among several options and from there they both decide, although the last word will be the monarch.

“Personally, I think they will name him Duke,” the expert added before explaining that, once the third son of Guillermo and Catalina is born, Enrique will become the sixth in the line of succession.

Regarding Markle, Hanson maintained that his divorce in the past will not be a serious problem and that it would be more if Henry were Guillermo instead of Enrique.

“Times have changed and they are changing, Meghan will not be very worried, she is strong and she has character, they will accept her,” she added.

As for the details of the wedding, the banquet will be organized around round tables and not a large rectangular table as the British royal family used to on past occasions.

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In addition, a test dinner will be held the day before, in which Hanson said that “too many American customs” will not be carried out.

The wedding guests, who number more than 2,000, will receive a protocol guide with the clothing allowed for the occasion.

Thus, it is recommended not to wear clothes of American designers, as was the case of David Beckham at William’s wedding in 2011, when he wore a Ralph Lauren suit, badly decorated with a medal on the right lapel, instead of the left.

Among the keys are that tiaras can only be worn by married women, that gloves will be allowed if they are combined with short sleeves and that men’s shoes should be tied and be of leather.

“In the case of journalists and photographers wearing the suit, it will be fine,” the most famous protocol expert in the UK recounted with laughter.

The youngest son of Prince Charles and the deceased Diana de Gales, 33, will marry in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, just outside London, on May 19.