Archive 98

Form of notice to quit by Sir J. P Boileau. [MS Series] 30 June 1841
Draft agreement between Sir J. P. Boileau of Ketteringham Hall and William Delf of Wacton, farmer: farm in Ketteringham and East Carleton now in the occupation of Richard Breeze. [MS Series] 10 Oct. 1842
Notice by John Henry Steward to Sir J. P. Boileau: appoints William Barnard of Shottisham Mills as an arbitrator in a disagreement as to game. [MS Series] 24 July 1848
9/2/13Cropping of the Ketteringham Farm, occupied by George Read, giving names and acreages of fields. [MS Series] 1848-50
Photocopy of above.
Statement of land in Mr Delf’s occupation and course of cropping. [MS Series] 1849-51
Statement of cropping on Mr Delf’s farm. [MS Series] 1850
Read’s Farm, specification for repairs and alterations to farm buildings, by Jeremiah Lofty. [MS Series] 12 June 1851
Specification of works to be done to the farmhouse lately occupied by Mr Read, by Jeremiah Lofty. [MS Series] 12 June 1851
Miscellaneous correspondence between Sir J. P. Boileau and J. Mitchell, solicitor, Wymondham, about estate affairs; notes by J. Mitchell 1841. [MS Series] 1841, 1848, 1851
Income tax assessment, Sir J. P. Boileau and Mr Houlton, parish of Ketteringham. [MS Series] 1856/7
Draft calculations of property tax payable by Sir J. P. Boileau. [MS Series] 16 Dec. 1857
Photocopy of printed sale particulars of the Ketteringham Estate, Wymondham, including rental of the entire estate, and details of Ketteringham Hall, Ivyhouse Farm, Gowards Farm, Hethersett White House, Planet Farm, Highash Farm, and Whitehouse Farm, with photographs, and map.