Identical twins are considered the most beautiful in the world

Leah Rose and Ava Marie are two identical twins who have revolutionized Instagram because of their great resemblance and great beauty. They are already considered the most beautiful twins in the world.


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Leah and Ava are the most beautiful twins in the world. They made themselves known in 2017 because their mother, Jaqi Clements, made an Instagram profile where she showed these beautiful girls, to which the users responded with hundreds of compliments. Now with 7 years, they have become a ‘little women’ that can even be worth to be models. Of course, something has not changed in them, they are still like two drops of water.

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Leah Rose and Ava Marie are identical twins who were born in California on July 7, 2010. From the first day, they attracted attention both for their excessive resemblance and for their beauty. And even more so when her mother decided to post photos of both on Instagram.

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On July 7, 2017, to celebrate ten years, her mother posted the first photo of her little ones on Instagram, but she never imagined that this image would go viral and change the direction of her life. Everyone saw its beauty and its photogenicity, hence the agencies did not wait long to want to represent Leah and Ava. We do not know if it happened with great models, who already started to be from their childhood.

So life has changed. They had to open an account of them on Instagram, with only 171 publications but where they already have more than 200,000 followers. The truth is that no one can doubt its beauty, and as with Anastasia Knyazeva, the most beautiful girl in the world, they have become a benchmark for the beauty and fashion sector. Although in your case, twice.

The car drove into the bus stop and broke in half! The driver with the passenger fled

The Ford Focus literally fell apart in two parts under the impact of a giant speed hit at the Whitworth bus stop near Rochdale. Witnesses say that the driver and the passenger have managed to get out of the vehicle and escape the accident site.

The accident happened on a Sunday evening – driving at a speed of about 70 miles per hour. The Ford Focus hit the bus stop, which was extremely unattainable. The impact was so great that the car broke up in half.

Witnesses of the incident said that both the driver and the passenger “miracle” got out of the vehicle and fled the scene. The police who intervened in the case began to search the area with a helicopter.

It is reported that the “refugees” are 17 or 18 years old. The street where the accident occurred was closed in both directions for 6 hours. One of the locals, 45-year-old Andi Jackson, said it was a miracle that no one was at the bus stop at that time.

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In an interview for the Manchester Evening News the witness said: “I heard a huge bang. I went to see what happened on the road and saw lots of lights and car parts scattered all over.The car was driving along Market Street about 70 or 80 miles per hour. The driver had to lose control of him and wiped almost the van.

He crashed into a bus stop and the entire rear of the car was on the other side of the road.Someone who was in the street told me that two teens had fled the car. It’s amazing that they managed to get out of it at all. They must have been injured. You can not shake the car without getting hurt yourself. Well, there was no one at the bus stop.

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A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed that the service was summoned to the scene of the accident around noon on Sunday: “Ford Focus hit the wall and then at the bus stop near Birches Hotel on Market Street. The driver of the car escaped from it a moment later. Officers searched the area for a driver and his passenger, but failed to locate them. No arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing. Please witness the incident to report to the police. “

News in Norwich Society

Notice by Henry Lombe to the executors of the late Mr. Joseph Miller Aldred deceased, that his tenancy of property in parishes of Great and Little Melton and Hethersett will not be affected by the Agricultural Holdings’ (England) Act, 1875. (photocopy)
3 Jan. 1876
Newscutting about Norfolk ghosts, including a phantom coach and four, containing four ladies in white, near Great Melton. (E.D.P.); with photocopy of description of this and other apparitions from East Anglian Handbook for 1885, pp 80-1.
1885, ?1955
Edward Evans Lombe, Melton Hall, to Mr Pomeroy [solicitor]: letter about the drawing up of his will with details of individual bequests. (photocopy)
16 Jan. 1888
Photocopy of entry for Great Melton from Kelly’s Directory.
Extract from proceedings of Norfolk & Norwich Horticultural Society about the election as President of Major Edward H. Evans Lombe of Great Melton and Marlingford, with photographs of Major Lombe and his ancestor, Edward Lombe, the first President of the Society in 1829. (photocopy)
Photocopy of photograph of Great Melton Hall.
Photocopy of entry for Great Melton from N. Pevsner, Buildings of North-West and South Norfolk (1962).
Sale notices for Town Cottage, Great Melton.
1981, 1986
Newscutting about plan to re-open the Green Man pub at Great Melton. (Mercury)
14 Jan. 1983
Abstracts of documents, 1605-1665, in the Evans-Lombe MSS in Norfolk Record Office.
25 Sept. 1985
Newscutting about need for support from nearby villages for proposed Hethersett community centre, with photograph of Great Melton church. (E.E.N.)
6 Apr. 1987
NARG News: 51: The Quarterly Journal of the Norfolk Archaeological Rescue Group, containing an article on the Great Melton Mesolithic site by P. A. Robins.
Dec. 1987