The United Kingdom quietly surrenders to Brussels on the protection of the rights of workers from the European Union

The British media, referring to sources in Brussels, say that London is silent in negotiations on the rights of workers from EU Member States.

Britain surrenders to Brussels to retain the rights of persons who have arrived in the country before the final date of Brexit, which falls to 2019. The reason for this is the lower number of people coming to Britain after the results of the referendum.

According to the Guardian, the British government has so far been open to proposing smaller rights to people arriving in the United Kingdom after March 29, the date of the official announcement by the country of their intention to leave the European Union. Determining the date of the final Brexite was supposed to increase the influx of workers from the Union who wanted to come to the country on the Thames before finally leaving the Community.However, the source in Brussels, quoted by the Guardian, says that after the number of people coming to the islands has shrunk dramatically, the negotiators “quietly” agree with Brussels’s demands that the rights of EU immigrants remain in place. Britain during its membership in the Union, which is until 2019.

“The United Kingdom has softened its stance on the cut-off date for the EU.” At first, the negotiators did not want to acknowledge the date, but now they do not say it publicly, agreeing to set a final date of departure. ” on diplomatic sources.

“The change has taken place, because in the meantime people have stopped coming to the UK, come to a smaller number or leave the country, which has a negative impact on the British industry and health care,” the newspaper says.

However, the Brexite Ministry spokesman said: “The exact date will be the subject of negotiations, but it will not be a date before the launch of Article 50 and the exit of Britain from the EU.”

The decline in the number of workers coming to the United Kingdom from the EU Member States is a major problem for the NHS and for social welfare, where work-related shortages are the most serious. Other sectors of the UK economy, such as agriculture, manufacturing and services, have fallen sharply, which may lead to country-worn-out effects in the future as a result of the collapse of the labor market and the slowdown of the economy.


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Specification of works to be done to the farmhouse lately occupied by Mr Read, by Jeremiah Lofty. [MS Series] 12 June 1851
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Photocopy of printed sale particulars of the Ketteringham Estate, Wymondham, including rental of the entire estate, and details of Ketteringham Hall, Ivyhouse Farm, Gowards Farm, Hethersett White House, Planet Farm, Highash Farm, and Whitehouse Farm, with photographs, and map.

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