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The United Kingdom quietly surrenders to Brussels on the protection of the rights of workers from the European Union

The British media, referring to sources in Brussels, say that London is silent in negotiations on the rights of workers from EU Member States.

Britain surrenders to Brussels to retain the rights of persons who have arrived in the country before the final date of Brexit, which falls to 2019. The reason for this is the lower number of people coming to Britain after the results of the referendum.

According to the Guardian, the British government has so far been open to proposing smaller rights to people arriving in the United Kingdom after March 29, the date of the official announcement by the country of their intention to leave the European Union. Determining the date of the final Brexite was supposed to increase the influx of workers from the Union who wanted to come to the country on the Thames before finally leaving the Community.However, the source in Brussels, quoted by the Guardian, says that after the number of people coming to the islands has shrunk dramatically, the negotiators “quietly” agree with Brussels’s demands that the rights of EU immigrants remain in place. Britain during its membership in the Union, which is until 2019.

“The United Kingdom has softened its stance on the cut-off date for the EU.” At first, the negotiators did not want to acknowledge the date, but now they do not say it publicly, agreeing to set a final date of departure. ” on diplomatic sources.

“The change has taken place, because in the meantime people have stopped coming to the UK, come to a smaller number or leave the country, which has a negative impact on the British industry and health care,” the newspaper says.

However, the Brexite Ministry spokesman said: “The exact date will be the subject of negotiations, but it will not be a date before the launch of Article 50 and the exit of Britain from the EU.”

The decline in the number of workers coming to the United Kingdom from the EU Member States is a major problem for the NHS and for social welfare, where work-related shortages are the most serious. Other sectors of the UK economy, such as agriculture, manufacturing and services, have fallen sharply, which may lead to country-worn-out effects in the future as a result of the collapse of the labor market and the slowdown of the economy.


Archive 127

6/110 Paul Cook model plane builder shows his Acro Wot model 15 May 2003
Also Report of Parish Council meeting Evening News

6/111 Old Hall schoolgirls get SARS clearance 6 May 2003

6/112 Trading places. Hethersett butcher and pharmacist shops
change over. 6 May 2003

6/113 Yvonne School of Dance goes to Sadlers Wells in London 6 May 2003

6/114 Leonie Farrow to spend 8 months working in remote Nepal village 25 April 2001

6/115 Old 1817 School marked by a plaque Also Bread Basket Mill Rd.
Outline PP 29 June `984
W&A Mercury
6/116 Rocking Horse Nursey theft Evening News 4 Oct 2002

6/117 Teenager hurt in village stabbing. E.N. 2002

6/118 From Notes and Queries 8 July 1898, Mr. Howlett’s farm in Hethersett
a site of a competition between 2 threshing machines. 1804

HA/A/7 Development

7/66 H.E.A.T A poem by George Beckford about the work of
the Hethersett Environmental Action Team Nov 2001

HA/A/9 Electoral Registers

9/15 Register of Electors 2002

HA/A/10/1 Estates General

10/1/4 Abstract of Title of 2 freehold cottages Lynch-Green now off
Oak Square with maps. 1847-1950

HA/A/10/3 Enclosure

10/3/17 Letter to Miss Smith analyzing Enclosure Map. Suggests possible locations of the
Open Fields 4 May?


11/1/10 Letter from Marion Hayter nee Rule with details of her father and mother
Richard and Kate Rule with notes about Kate’s brothers, George
Thomas and Herbert. Also identification of Evelyn Alborough in
photo on p.83 of the Book of Hethersett 28 April 2003

HA/A/11/2 Families and Individuals

11/2/AND/1 Letter from Kenneth Andrew to David Arnall ‘re the Revd Andrew
his great grandfather. 1 April 2002

11/2/BR/5 Photocopies of 1. Extract from a directory of British Architects.
2. Obituary of John Henry Browne Oct 1880
3. Application to I.B.A. 27 May 1839
4. Declaration of election to I.B.A. 18 July 1839
5. Note from the Builder 6 Nov 1880

11/2/BU/1a Copy of Our Company Before, a History of the Buckingham
Family in East Anglia and New Zealand. by Hilary Raimondi 1987

11/2/BU/1b Copy of Hethersett to Quarry Hills, a brief history of the
Buckingham Family in New Zealand. 1880 – 1969 1974

11/2/DE/3 Notes on the life of Dr. Edward Deacon by Mary Clay? 1988

Miscellaneous papers relating to Bawburgh

Miscellaneous papers relating to Bawburgh

Typescript translation of entry in the Domesday Book relating to the lands of Count Alan at Bawburgh and Thorp in the hundred of Forehoe, extracted from the Victoria County History, Vol. 2, p. 70.
[1086] 4/2

History of the church of St Mary and St Walstan, Bawburgh, manorial notes, The legend of St Walstan, memorials and heraldry, a list of vicars, etc., from T. H. Bryant, Norfolk Churches (1841). (booklet)

Typescript program of special centenary celebrations with notes on the history of Bawburgh Methodist Church, 1866-1966. (booklet)
Newscutting relating to proposed housing development on land at Bawburgh containing the seventeenth-century Slipper Chapel and Dovecot – the monuments to be preserved, but without public access. (E.E.N)
7 Feb. 1980

Printed guide to the village of Bawburgh containing notes on history, notable buildings, and present day amenities, compiled by Carol Twinch. (booklet)
Postcards of pen and ink drawings of Bawburgh Church, the Slipper House and Dovecot, Bawburgh Mill, and the Old Post Office, by Carol Twinch.
Newscutting recounting the life and death of St Walstan, the patron saint of farm workers, and his burial at Bawburgh. (E.D.P.)
14 May 1983
Color photographs of the banner of the Bawburgh Branch of the Ancient Order of Foresters.

Archive 98

Form of notice to quit by Sir J. P Boileau. [MS Series] 30 June 1841
Draft agreement between Sir J. P. Boileau of Ketteringham Hall and William Delf of Wacton, farmer: farm in Ketteringham and East Carleton now in the occupation of Richard Breeze. [MS Series] 10 Oct. 1842
Notice by John Henry Steward to Sir J. P. Boileau: appoints William Barnard of Shottisham Mills as an arbitrator in a disagreement as to game. [MS Series] 24 July 1848
9/2/13Cropping of the Ketteringham Farm, occupied by George Read, giving names and acreages of fields. [MS Series] 1848-50
Photocopy of above.
Statement of land in Mr Delf’s occupation and course of cropping. [MS Series] 1849-51
Statement of cropping on Mr Delf’s farm. [MS Series] 1850
Read’s Farm, specification for repairs and alterations to farm buildings, by Jeremiah Lofty. [MS Series] 12 June 1851
Specification of works to be done to the farmhouse lately occupied by Mr Read, by Jeremiah Lofty. [MS Series] 12 June 1851
Miscellaneous correspondence between Sir J. P. Boileau and J. Mitchell, solicitor, Wymondham, about estate affairs; notes by J. Mitchell 1841. [MS Series] 1841, 1848, 1851
Income tax assessment, Sir J. P. Boileau and Mr Houlton, parish of Ketteringham. [MS Series] 1856/7
Draft calculations of property tax payable by Sir J. P. Boileau. [MS Series] 16 Dec. 1857
Photocopy of printed sale particulars of the Ketteringham Estate, Wymondham, including rental of the entire estate, and details of Ketteringham Hall, Ivyhouse Farm, Gowards Farm, Hethersett White House, Planet Farm, Highash Farm, and Whitehouse Farm, with photographs, and map.

Buildings: Listed buildings general

Buildings: Listed buildings (general)

A/1/2/ Notes and drawings relating to listed buildings in Hethersett

Folder containing map of Hethersett showing listed buildings with typescript key; contains brief architectural details of the parish church, Hethersett Hall, King’s Head Inn, Whitegates, The Priory, Wood Hall, Cedar Grange, Old Maid’s Farmhouse [Whitehouse Farm], Thickthorn Farmhouse, Cantley Farmhouse, The Rectory, Queen’s Head Inn, The Old Hall, and various cottages; Advice Notes on Listed Buildings, leaflet from South Norfolk District Council Planning Department.

Also containing the following documents:

1982, n.d.
Photocopy of architectural details of St Remigius’ Church, Thickthorn Hall, The Priory, Old Hall, etc. from N. Pevsner, Buildings of North-West and South Norfolk (1962).
Typescript notes on architecture of listed buildings in Hethersett; also includes descriptions of milestones and water pump.
Pen and ink drawings of The Priory, Mr Burton’s House (Wood Hall), The King’s Head, and Cedar Grange, based on drawings by B. S. Norgate, c.1820-1825, with notes on the Norgate drawings.
Typescript notes by Bill Reekie on the history of Hethersett Old Hall, Thickthorn Hall and The Priory, Hethersett.
HA/A/1/3  Buildings and estates (miscellaneous)

A/1/3/ Sale particulars, photographs, newscuttings, etc., relating to buildings and small estates in Hethersett

Photocopy of map showing part of Coleby’s Farm (now Church Farm), with names of fields and tenants added. (Norfolk Record Office, Back 46)
Printed sale particulars of two farms in Hethersett with field names and acreages to be sold by Mr Butcher by auction, by order of the executor of the late Jehosaphat Postle; also includes properties in Bawburgh and Thorpe next Norwich. (photocopy)
31 July 1841
Lynch Green Farm (now Lyngate Farm): extracts from the 1846 tithe map and 1851 census about the Lake family; printed sale particulars of freehold estates at Hethersett to be sold by Mr John Standley by auction, by order of the executors of Mr William Christmas Lake, 20 May 1867 [MS Series]; copy of photograph of Lynch Green Farm in 1912; four colour photographs of exterior of Lyngate Farm, 1999.